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The Pearlsong Refounding Book 1


In a world where words can kill, the language you speak marks the destiny of your soul

A promising young professor, brilliant but shattered and bitter from abuse he experienced in his youth, has found a solitary way to survive in the world, one that keeps him safe from his demons, but also severs him from love and friendship with others.

But then a bizarre series of events thrust him into an unfamiliar land filled with dangerous people with mystical powers, and rules of engagement he doesn’t understand.

Worse, these strangers believe he is a long-prophesied deliverer, come to overthrow the dark lords that rule their lands, and make the world new again.

He tries to run, tries to tell them they’ve got the wrong guy. But no one believes him. It may be too late, anyway. The dark lords know his name, and have unleashed their incredible power to destroy him and everyone who gathers around him.

Is he dreaming? Has he gone mad? Maybe. But he can’t shake the feeling the prophecy is real.

New updated edition

coming out in 2022!

The Pearlsong Refounding Book 2


One man's struggle will seal the fate of all

With the rediscovery of the legendary Book of Dei'lo, the lines of war have been drawn across the Inherited Lands. Behind their mystically fortified walls, the forces for good and evil are massing for the ultimate conflict, pitting the two Languages of Power against one another in open battle for the first time. The results of such a war can be nothing short of cataclysmic.

At the nexus of this coming apocalypse stands Gideon Dawning, a troubled loner and stranger to the Lands who has been marked by both prophecy and providence as the Waymaker for the Pearl. His charge: to find a sentient orb of power that has been lost for over 2,000 years, and bring it safely to Wordhaven. If he succeeds, there is a chance he may avert the war and usher in a new Endless Age. But the quest is perilous, and there are many who would see him fail—Sa'lei Lords of staggering power, and their corrupted minions within the Deathland Barrens. Yet an even greater danger lurks within the realms Gideon cannot see...where a living evil quietly plots to capture his very soul.

With all the perils that lie before him, Gideon is certain of only this: He must go. For if he cannot retrieve the Pearl, no one will.

New updated edition

coming out in 2022!

The Pearlsong Refounding Book 3


In a war for the ages, who will have the final word?

War has come to the Inherited Lands. Though the Remnant now wield the life-giving power of Dei’lo, their numbers are still too few to stand against the staggering might of the Sa’lei Lords and their armies. Besieged and weakened to near collapse, the Remnant rebels are forced to leave Wordhaven and flee to the four corners of the world. Isolated from one another and unable to find help for their cause, their defeat is all but certain.

And yet, within the shadows of the Deathland Barrens, one thread of hope remains. Gideon Dawning, the prophesied Waymaker from another world, has recovered the Pearl, a sentient orb that holds the full knowledge and power of Dei’lo. If Gideon can bring the orb to the fight, it may be enough to turn the tide. But time is short, and many dreadful enemies stand in his way. 

But beyond all this, the Pearl itself is not what he expected. It calls him to follow an unexpected and dangerous path—one that seems set on ushering in the doom of the world.

If you want to follow along, you can join me and my friends on Patreon to get a first look at the chapters as I write them, and participate with me in the creative process.

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