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I’m Going on an Extended Writing Sabbatical

Updated: Jan 11

"We withdraw not to disappear, but to find another ground from which to see; a solid ground from which to step, and from which to speak again, in a different way, a clear, rested, embodied voice we begin to remember again as our own." — David Whyte

Hello there, amazing humans. I have news.

For those who may not know, I’ve just completed the sale of my home. My mountain refuge, which I’ve loved for the last 8 years and never thought I’d leave, is now safely in the hands of its new owners, and I am cozily tucked away in a small hermitage down in Denver. These past few months have been fast-paced and frenzied, which, if you know me at all, you know is not anywhere close to my preferred way of moving through the world. But it was a successful transition all in all, and I'm glad, in hindsight, that I said yes to the process. This has been a seismic shift for my life, as you can imagine, and there are a few more to come that I want to let you know about.

First, as I mentioned, I'm calling my new home a hermitage. This is because I sense I have been called into a season of genuine hermitage here for the next several months. Over these months, I'll be stepping back from public spaces (including most of my regular haunts online), and focusing on completing work on my novel trilogy The Pearlsong Refounding, and, as time allows, working on a book for men based on the BraveHeart Intensive training I've been leading for over a decade now.

During this extended writing sabbatical, I won’t be checking in on Facebook or Instagram, though who knows? I may post something from time to time if the spirit moves me. Similarly, I won’t be available for much direct interaction, either via text or email or phone. Writing a book takes everything I have. It is of necessity a full-immersion experience; at least, it is that way for me. I know other writers are able to do it differently, but for me, this is the only approach that’s ever really worked.

That’s not to say I won’t be sharing anything as I go. For one, I’ll continue sending out my twice-monthly newsletter. So if you’d like to keep up all the trails I’m exploring and my progress on the books, signing up for the newsletter is the best way to do it. And for those of you in my Patreon community, you’ll be getting even more behind-the-scenes updates, including regular audio or video check ins—I’m thinking of them as private podcasts of my personal thoughts—and excerpts from the books and other writings I’m working on.

Once the writing sabbatical ends (about 8-12 months from now), I'll be embarking on yet another new season. This one I'm calling Pilgrimage, because I'll be coming out of the cave of my hermitage, hopping into a van, and hitting the road for the next year, or two, or longer (who knows?). I don't know as much about that season yet, except that it involves seeking out stories of individuals who are advancing the Good, the True, and the Beautiful in the world in interesting, courageous ways, and telling their stories. I'll also likely still be coaching, although I don't know yet just how that will look.

There’s more to all of this, of course, than I’ve written here, and I will share the rest of the story in time via Patreon and my newsletter. But for now, I just wanted to let you know where things stand for me, and what to expect from me in the months ahead.

Thanks. With all my heart,


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