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Hi! I'm Michael.

I'm a coach and a writer. I'm passionate about helping leaders, visionaries, and artists get clear on who they really are, clarify their passion & purpose, and create the authentic life they were made for.

I call it Living Wide Awake.

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Every month or two I deliver fresh motivation to your inbox with new coaching tips and ideas, as well as my latest writings to keep you inspired and growing. We’ve gathered an awesome community of cool people who are up to great stuff in the world. I’d love for you to join us!

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My Latest Essay


My Desert Quest for the God Beyond Words

I’ve taken solo trips with God every year for nearly two decades now. I’ve traveled overs mountains, up rivers and their valleys, across the plains, and along countless stretches of open road. Every time, I go with the express purpose of having a conversation with God. To that end, I prepare in advance. I make a list of questions and topics, things I want to ask about. I gather several books on tape and create playlists of new music that speak in some way to the themes I want to explore. On all these journeys, I’ve been alone, but it’s rarely been a quiet affair. Any other soul I happen to encounter is likely to catch me talking out loud, which is my preferred style of prayer, or else singing along with the tunes pouring out the open windows of my car.

But this trip is different. This time I’ve come without any questions for God—except this one:


What's waiting for me in the Silence?



Elevate your team with the skills you need to create a powerful positive, world-changing culture.


Work one-on-one with me to break through barriers and create a life and legacy that is Good, True, and Beautiful.


Embark on a daring adventure with God and others to help you uncover your core truth and live it out loud.


Take the next step in your own growth toward mastery—as an influencer, as an artist, and as a follower of God.