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Know Yourself. Live Your Purpose. Lead Your World.

As men, we are made to move the world. To make a difference. But too often, that's not how our lives feel. Most of the time, it's all we can do just to survive. We want our lives to matter. But where do we even begin?


The BraveHeart Intensive retreat shows you how to break out of your stuck patterns, get clear on who you really are and what your purpose really is, and step into that bigger story. This is not just another men's Bible study. It’s not a lecture on how you need to be a better man. It's an initiation into a new way of living.

Visit the BraveHeart website to learn more.


Live the Life You Were Designed to Live

As women, most of us don’t have time to dream anymore. We gave up on that about the time reality set in. But what if your dreams and desires weren’t just an escape or a guilty pleasure? What if they’re actually a map to who God made you to be and directions to what He intended you to do?

The Destiny Project is an exploration of who you are at the core, what really makes you come alive, and what big gift lives inside of you that—if unleashed—will inspire the world around you to come alive as well.

Are you ready to awaken to the fuller life that awaits you? Visit the Destiny Project website to learn more.

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