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A Journal of Exploration

Mike Meets God 2021 is a chronicle of one man’s love affair with the Divine. Curated from his personal journals and photographs taken over the months of 2021, these pages are filled with Michael's poignant and provocative contemplations on the nature of God, humans, society, and the grand mystery of life itself.


Inspired by words from diverse spiritual mentors such as Thomas Merton, Teresa of Avila, Rumi, Saint John of the Cross, Hafiz, and many others, this collection of intimate writings, poems, and photographs shines a fresh and hopeful light on the deep challenges we have all faced over the past year.

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IntroductionMIKE MEETS GOD 2021
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A Spiritual Survival Guide for Faith Leaders

Jesus said that those who follow him would be like springs of living water, overflowing with eternal life on all those around them.

But what if that’s not what it’s like for you?

Based on insights learned over 15 years partnering with faith leaders in the trenches of everyday leadership, this ebook offers 12 strategic practices to restore your soul and re-awaken your life to Christ’s active leading, and unleash your leadership influence to new heights.

“If your leadership is not Life-giving to you or those closest to you, then you must ask, am I leading toward God’s Kingdom? Having personally benefited from Michael’s coaching, I highly recommend trying these 12 practices. Not because they will help you ‘lead better’ or ‘lead bigger,’ but because you’ll lead yourself and others into Life.” ~ John Burke, Lead Pastor Gateway Church, author of No Perfect People Allowed

the transformed heart

Daily Encounters with a Transformational God

Your life matters. You have a meaningful role to play in the Story God is writing in the world. You have a dream in your heart, placed there by God himself. A desire, deep down, to do something good, and true, and beautiful with your life; to actually become the person you were meant to be. It’s like you’re being summoned to a higher purpose, to serve a noble cause that's bigger than you are. Because, in fact, you are.

The Transformed Heart devotional is your personal guide to experiencing that bigger life. Covering a period of six months, the weekday readings invite you to connect with Christ through his Word in a truly intimate, relational way, then challenge you to take action on your insights using proven coaching tools and practices that create real life change. By learning to notice where God is already actively at work in your heart and life, you'll learn to partner with him in a way that leads to authentic life transformation.

Your good, true, beautiful life in Christ is waiting to be revealed. So take heart, and hold on to your courage. Jesus loves you, and is eager to guide you. Let the journey begin.

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alone with god

Walking Daily with the Real Jesus

"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith" (Hebrews 12:2 NIV).


In the spirit of Oswald Chamber's great devotional My Utmost for His Highest, Alone With God inspires Christ followers to go authentically deep with God and with themselves, challenging them through six months of daily readings to take an honest look at what it really means to fully engage our hearts and lives with a very real, and very present, Jesus.

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