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Great Teams Doing Great Work Together

That’s that we all want, right? But why is it so hard to get there? When it comes to creating healthy, high-performing teams, we believe that culture is key, and having the right skills matters. We can help you with both.

I head up a stellar team of people-development specialists who love to partner with great leaders and teams to make them even better. We are trained experts in management skills training, leadership development, team dynamics, and culture change. Our passion is to use our expertise to partner with mindful corporations & passionate non-profits not only to develop great leaders and a strong, healthy culture, but to grow your reach and impact in the world. We do this through a combination of meaningful assessments, expert coaching and training, and customized approaches designed specifically to your needs. We lead from a place of curiosity and connection, drawing from a wealth of training certifications and resources, including the The Co-Active Institute (CPCC), the Center for Right Relationship (ORSC), the International Coach Federation (PCC), the Leadership Circle 360 Profile, the Art of Alignment (CAP), and the Enneagram for Leaders (IE9).

If you've got a leadership challenge, we can help! Drop us a line. We'd love to talk!



Take your leaders  to the next level with this immersive training that utilizes the Leadership Circle 360 profile, and combines it with a customized live training program


(via Zoom or in person) to help your leaders identify their specific strengths and weaknesses, equip them in 11 Core Skills essential to great leadership, and explore how to overcome the 3 Core Blindspots that commonly tank leadership effectiveness. Based on extensive research in leadership mastery conducted by The Leadership Circle, this training will help you and your team members:

  • Unpack your personal Leadership Circle 360 Profile to identify where you shine as a leader, as well as where you need to grow

  • Study the essential skills that all leaders need to develop to be authentically effective

  • Design specific next-step strategies for strengthening your leadership effectiveness

  • Create a fresh vision for expanding your leadership impact!

This is a terrific opportunity for you and your key team members to learn new skills, strengthen your leadership culture, and grow together for the sake of your mission and the people you serve.



This fun, interactive live training program (offered via Zoom or in person) equips leaders in 10 people-development skills that invite transformation and inspire team members to take next steps toward their own growth & development in meaningful ways. Rooted in the renowned coach training programs at The Co-Active Training Institute, this program focuses on 10 specific, foundational skills essential to effective 1-on-1 leadership conversations. These skills include:

  • Designing a Powerful Alliance

  • Managing Self

  • Listening Strategically

  • Leveraging Curiosity

  • Following Resonance

  • Asking Powerful Questions

  • Calling Others Forth

  • Championing Authentically

  • Giving Effective Feedback

  • Making Direct Requests

This is a terrific opportunity for you, your team, or your whole organization to raise the bar on your leadership influence and effectiveness by learning what it takes to genuinely inspire your people to be the best they can be, and develop an ongoing culture of growth and excellence.


This immersive experience, facilitated via Zoom or onsite with your team, utilizes The Leadership Circle's Collective Leadership Assessment to give your team or organization a clear picture of your culture as it is right now—what's working and what's not—as well as a practical roadmap to creating the kind of culture that makes your team members excited to come in to work every day and empowers them do truly great work together.


This highly-interactive training includes a toolkit full of accessible culture tools and practices your team members can use to strengthen your culture right away, as well as meaningful benchmarks for continually improving the culture over time.


Looking for large-scale change in your organizational culture? We know what it takes to get there. We love building strategic partnerships with great organizations committed to taking their culture to its highest potential for human thriving and effective impact in the world. Through a thoughtful co-creative process, we’ll design a culture-change program tailored to your culture's specific challenges and desired outcomes. We'll create environments to support, develop, and energize your team members, as well as facilitate onsite trainings, peer groups, retreats, and ongoing coaching development plans for your key leaders—all with meaningful metrics to measure progress.

Whether your organization needs a minor course correction, or a full scale culture makeover, your first step is to talk with us. 


"Our organization will absolutely be stronger and more effective because of our time with you. You blew my expectations! I look forward to doing more in the future!" 


—  Donevon Loewen, Neighborhood Rehab Project

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