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My Desert Quest for the God Beyond Words

Every year I go on a solo trip with God. But this one was different—no books, no intentions, no plan. Just me, the desert, and this one disturbing question: What's waiting for me in the Silence?

into the silence

Image by Morgan Sessions

The Power of the Gospel is in Love, Not Politics

Whenever Christians try to use force to accomplish Christ’s work, they inevitably betray the very One they are trying to serve.

god's strategy is love

Similing Team

What Does it Take to Build a World-Changing Team?

A practical application of the latest research on team dynamics and adult development to assess you and your team, and target where you need to grow next.




Four Essential Truths About You

To become the whole person you’re meant to be, there are things you have to realize about your body. To the degree you accept them, you will experience an ever-deepening connection with your truest self, with God, and with the world around you.

Image by Rune Haugseng


A Simple 3-Step Plan

This pandemic has changed the game for all of us, and left us struggling in an unfamiliar world where we don't know the rules. When life gets uncertain, how do we keep a clear head and make good decisions about the road ahead? In this brief essay, I show you how.

Image by Nik MacMillan

the story we find ourselves in

What Happens When the Stories We Believe Turn Out to be Lies?

The stories we've believed about life, and our place in it, are failing. We're on the threshold of a new era, full of both painful loss and limitless possibility. What we do next will either unleash the future, or bring it to an end.

Coming Soon!
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