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A shattered man.

A wounded land.

An ancient prophecy

links their fate, 

balancing destiny 

on the edge of a knife.

Set in a mythic world where words can kill, The Pearlsong Refounding trilogy follows the journey of Gideon Dawning, a troubled man from our world who finds himself in this strange land, cast in the role of deliverer for a people long oppressed under the rule of elite speakers of a mystical language of power. Rescued from death by a beleaguered band of rebels who believe him to be the fulfillment of prophecy, they lead him on a quest through a stunning but shattered landscape to recover an ancient book containing a second language of power that has been lost to time; and, perhaps, the living orb that created it.


Profound in its depth, beautifully-paced and full of wonder, The Pearlsong Refounding blends magic and intrigue with mythic forces, sweeping battles, and heartfelt characters to weave a story of loss and the struggle for redemption that every reader can relate to.



and satisfyingly

complete …”



“A fresh new voice in the world of fantasy fiction.”


“Magic and power ripple through every page of this profound story.”

GD Cover 3D Single 01.png
The Pearlsong Refounding Book 1


In a world where words can kill,
one man's secrets will seal the fate of all.


GIDEON, a shattered loner from our world, finds himself in a wounded land where an ancient prophecy has cast him as the catalyst for the doom or deliverance of an entire people…maybe even an entire world.

Trapped between mystical forces with powers he doesn’t understand, he tries to escape, tries to tell them they’ve got the wrong guy. But no one believes him, and everyone wants a piece of him. Those who don’t want to proclaim him as a great deliverer want to kill him as a harbinger of doom.

He’s got no way home, and nowhere to run. But it’s too late for hope now anyway. The dark Lords know his name, and have unleashed their incredible power to hunt him down and destroy him, along with anyone who gathers around him.

Is he a pawn, or a prophet? 

Only time will tell. 

But time is the one thing he no longer has.

New updated edition

coming out in 2024!

The Pearlsong Refounding Book 2


A troubled loner.
An impossible quest.
How do you save the world
when you can’t even save yourself?


WITH the rediscovery of the legendary Book of Dei'lo, the lines of war have been drawn across the Inherited Lands. Behind their mystically fortified walls, opposing forces are massing for the ultimate conflict, pitting the two languages of power against one another in open battle for the first time. The results of such a war can be nothing short of cataclysmic…

At the focal point of this coming apocalypse stands Gideon Dawning, a troubled loner and stranger to the Lands who has been marked by prophecy as the solitary Waymaker for the Pearl. His charge: to recover a sentient orb of power that has been lost for over 2,000 years, and bring it safely to Wordhaven. If he succeeds, there is a chance he may avert the war and usher in a new Endless Age. But the quest is perilous, and there are many who would see Gideon fail—Sa'lei Lords of staggering power, and their corrupted minions within the Deathland Barrens. Yet an even greater danger lurks within the realms Gideon cannot see...where a living evil quietly plots to rend his very soul.

With all the perils that lie before him, Gideon is certain of only this: He must try. For if he cannot find the way to the Pearl, no one will.

New updated edition

coming out in 2024!

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The Pearlsong Refounding Book 3


In a Battle
for the Soul of the Age,
Who Will Have the Final Word?


WAR has come to the Inherited Lands. Though the Remnant now wield the life-giving power of Dei’lo, their numbers are still too few to stand against the staggering might of the Sa’lei Lords and their armies. Besieged and weakened to near collapse, the Remnant rebels are forced to flee to the four corners of the world. Isolated from one another and unable to find help for their cause, their defeat is all but certain.

Yet, within the dark shadows of the Deathland Barrens one thread of hope remains. Gideon Dawning, the prophesied Waymaker from another realm, has recovered the Pearl, a sentient orb that holds within it the full knowledge and power of Dei’lo. If he can bring the orb to the fight, it may be enough to turn the tide. But time is short, and many dreadful enemies stand in his way. 


Even more troubling, the Pearl itself is not what he expected. It summons him to follow a foolish and dangerous path—one that seems intent on ushering in the doom of the world.

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Desert Road


I'm Michael.

I'm the author of The Pearlsong Refounding, an epic fantasy trilogy that’s taken me a truly epic amount of time to write. In the midst of that decades-long work, I’ve also written several other books and essays—on spirituality, leadership, and personal development. I’ve also written a fair bit of curriculum for both young people and adults, dabbled in poetry, built a successful career as a coach for leaders and teams (PCC, baby!), and even created a training community for men that I’m really proud of ( These days I divide my time between writing, coaching, and telling stories from the road, where I currently live in my van named Van Gogh. 

That’s super eclectic, I know. But I’ve never been one to live a normal life. Come follow along!

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