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100 Things I Love

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

"When love awakens in your life, it is like a rebirth, a new beginning." ― John O'Donohue

I was recently challenged to do this simple exercise, and it was such a great experience I wanted to pass the challenge on to you.

Part 1 of the challenge is simple: Write down 100 things you love.

They can be big things or little things, important things or silly things. They don't need to be ordered or categorized or prioritized in any way. It's just a free flow exercise. Simply write what comes to you, and keep writing until you have 100 things.

There's just one rule: Be honest. Don't write something down because you think you ought to; just write the things that you genuinely love.

That's it. It's simple, I know, but I guarantee it will brighten your day. With all the negativity going on in world at the moment, it's good to remind yourself how much love is in your life—even if its just love for a certain kind of ice cream.

Part 2 of the challenge is this: Once you've got your list, share it. Share it on social media. Share it with your friends. Share it with your partner or spouse. Let it be a blessing to them, a way to bring all of our attention back to love. Who knows? Sharing this may even open the door to a beautiful conversation.

In that spirit of blessing, I want to share my list with you. (Feel free to share yours with me too!)

100 Things I Love

the wind in the trees

a good steak dinner

scifi TV/movies


being truly seen and celebrated

inspiring others toward love and Christ

being alone

working out


beauty, in all its forms and expressions

creating something beautiful

hiking, especially in new places

breakfast food

a good night’s sleep

reading, especially scifi/fantasy, and great thinkers

the creative process/design work

being left alone


friends who take time to really listen to me


peace, especially inside myself

joy, exuberance and delight

people fighting for me and alongside me

helping people thrive and come alive

people doing what they say they will do

human kindness

getting lost in something interesting and stimulating

the way mountain fog makes everything more real and full of life

nature, especially being in it

a great cup of coffee

poetry that awakens me

music that transports me

clouds settling in the mountains

the beauty and peace that order creates

the smell of Austin soil

the smell of mountain air

road trips

mountain landscapes

true nonjudgmental acceptance

meaningful rituals

having a best friend

experiencing the arts

a good meal shared with good people


inside jokes


family love

having the right equipment

exploring new places, both inside and outside

a deep residing sense of belonging

a pervasive sense of freedom

overcoming a difficult obstacle

the feel of a pen on paper

a blank page


photography, especially capturing a beautiful moment



a nice long shower

all the places I haven’t been yet

the sound a river makes as it flows over rocks

men being brothers


the smell after rain

seeing the Milky Way

a well-turned phrase

a warm hearth when it’s raining or snowing outside

the power of words, and their magic


the quiet majesty and beauty of snow

Christmas vibes


a hot tub in winter with good friends

being in great shape

seeing the heart

checking boxes off a task list


living healthy

story crafting

knowing God, understanding Him

rounding a bend to be surprised by a grand view

peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream

experiencing healing

understanding people

being in love with Jesus

a gift that says “you get me”

high places


physical touch

the insane realization that I am alive

the universe of ideas

a good movie

being provoked to think about something

truly intelligent people

my morning time with God

befriending great writers who have gone before me

befriending great writers who are still living

real conversation

my leather journal


Now it's your turn: What are 100 things you love? Write them down. Then share it!

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