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Lone Eagle Peak, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado, June 2021. Copyright © Michael D. Warden. All rights reserved.


Where do you travel

hidden in shadow, your black waves

in ecstasy, churning

under the broad, undulant wings

of Seraphim as they

carry you into the night?

Your scent, like cedar,

and the salt of the sea,

with hints of lavender,

wakes me to love.

How can I pretend to live

a normal life

when, in every open field,

every kiss of wind,

every blade of grass,

I hear the thunder of your sparkling mind

bursting in my chest?

From behind your veil

you satisfy your longing

delighting in miracles

as a child might dally

with her favorite toys.

I claim no part

in these greater works of your industry,

yet some glistening light

in the corner of your eye

fixates on me, always


What is there but this—

this beautiful stranger

that by some divine calculus

quite beyond me

names me love?

Everything pales to it.

All other lives are but

the games of children

too afraid to honestly

consider the sky

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