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The BraveHeart Intensive: Why Only Courageous Men Sign Up

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

“Each man has only one genuine vocation—to find the way to himself....His task is to discover his own destiny—not an arbitrary one—and to live it out wholly and resolutely within himself. Everything else is only a would-be existence, an attempt at evasion, a flight back to the ideals of the masses, conformity and fear of one's own inwardness.” ― Herman Hesse

The promotional invitation for the next BraveHeart Intensive Course went out this past weekend. I sent it out to the BraveHeart email list, posted it on Facebook (multiple pages & groups), as well as on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I even made a few videos on YouTube inviting men to sign up! In the coming weeks, the other BraveHeart Leaders and I will be reaching out to all the men in our spheres of influence, imploring them to sign up.

Why? Because we really believe in this work. I truly believe Christian men everywhere are starving for what the BraveHeart Intensive offers, especially now.

The BraveHeart Intensive is fresh water for a man’s soul, which, in the relentless fury of our busy days, is most often dying of thirst for a deeper experience of life. It awakens a man’s heart to the Larger Story he’s living in, and provokes him to see with his own eyes the real purpose for the strength he’s been given by God, and the desperate need that looms over the world, begging him to wake up. BraveHeart shines a light in the darkness, and gives a man a compass heading, sure and true, to see him through the darkest storms and the deepest nights he will inevitably face.

As essential and life-altering as this work is, however, it’s no surprise how difficult it is for a man to say yes to it. As much as we men secretly hate the smallness of our lives, it is, at least, terrain we know how to navigate. We know the rules of the game, and have at least some measure of control over the battles we choose to fight, and the ones we choose to avoid.

But life in the Larger Story God is telling is not safe or manageable. It’s wild and free and full of glory, but it’s also dangerous. The real Kingdom of God will test a man’s mettle to the core. It will lay your shadow bare, and force you to either become the man you were meant to be, or be utterly undone by your fear. Sometimes both. There’s no hiding in the Kingdom, but we men love to hide. We’ll wax poetic about our longing for the Great Adventure even as we cling to our fig leaf like a magic shield, there to protect us from any real vulnerability or risk.

The bottom line? It takes balls just to sign up for the BraveHeart Intensive. But of those who have summoned the courage and said yes, not one has ever regretted it. Here are just a handful of comments from the hundreds of men who have gone through it:

“I have done many classes, camps & retreats, but this has blown them away. This has been one of the most profound experiences of my life.”

“BraveHeart Intensive has awakened my true self and inner man like nothing I’ve ever encountered in my life.”

“Braveheart answered the two questions I never thought I'd get answers for: Who am I? What's my purpose in life? I thought the questions were unanswerable. Too existential. I was wrong.”

“Few experiences can change a life but this one does. The BraveHeart Intensive gave me something I have searched for for years. If you’ve ever wondered who you really are—and all of us have—take the Intensive.”

“Deep inside, you know there’s more. It’s true. Move toward it. You are worth it. Your future self will thank you.”

I can’t say it any better. If you are a man hungry for a deeper, more meaningful experience of your relationship with yourself, with God, and with those you love and serve, the BraveHeart Intensive is for you. And if you know other men in same boat, invite them to join the course too. You’ll find all the details in the links below.

Key Links

A PDF with Course Details (Please download and share.)

Link to the Registration Page

The Promotional Invitation I sent out (Please share this too.)

Still got questions? Drop me a line.

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