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Near Santa Cruz, California, January, 2019. Copyright © Michael D. Warden. All Rights Reserved.


I came this morning

to the sea

felt the wildness

playing there,

the howl of the wind

nipping at the sand,

the froth of the surf

prancing at the cool line

of the land,

and, in the distance,


high and green as emeralds,

beckoning me

to another life.

Can you hear it?

how the world

is always whispering

calling you to wake?

You must not lose your life

in safe, sleepy stories

that are too small for you

to breathe in.

Open your eyes.

It’s only when you

come to the edge

of everything

you think you are

that you finally see

there is no ordinary life.

The very fabric

of the universe

is made of possibility.

Step in.


To become the Ocean,

let go your need

to be the drop.

Let the simple worship

of your breathing

carry you

as you cross the threshold

into the grand discourse

of a larger life.

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