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Evergreen, Colorado, August 2018. Copyright © Michael D. Warden. All rights reserved.


The clouds are settling now

into the steep ravines between the mountains

they huddle away

from the first light of morning

content to nestle against the earth

and tarry there a while longer

before the heat of day compels them

to return to the heavens

A lone raven flies above the mists

and on the mountain

a man watches the whole miracle unfold

above the steaming mug

of his morning coffee

Sometimes the beauty

is too much for us

too real

with a glory so weighty

it breaks your heart wide open

You could go on forever

you could disperse into it all

and become nothing like you are now

A part of you knows

that's the real you

out there among the miracles

that there is no just you, or just here,

in this moment

drinking coffee.

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