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Twin Lakes, Colorado, August 2017. Copyright © Michael D. Warden. All Rights Reserved.


I could ask you

a thousand times

do you love me

and it wouldn’t be enough

I catch the scent of you

like a wild wolf

under the full moon

like a runner

in the dark

I hear your song

in the winds at dawn

a near silent aria

just beneath

the kestrel’s wing

you are the white shining

of the morning sun

orchards of orange trees

waves of late summer grain

you are unguarded laughter

fire and night

a lifetime of adventure

So close!

you’re everywhere

like a lovely memory

I can’t quite

bring to mind

in everything

like the scent

of an old lover

filling the house

yet my longing

never leaves me

I have seen

what you are

I have seen

who I am

I know

they are true

and I know

they are merely visions

I know

we are all dreaming

the wonder aches in me

like the rot of old wood

I know you

I know you

I don’t know you at all

why hide?

tell me, where else

do you need to be?

are we not desperate?

this orphaned race

lost in the mad panic

of our frantic worship

are we not dying

to find you?

it’s all too grand

for me to see it

I only know

it’s love that does this

but I do not understand

so, breathe, love,

breathe on us

like that first breath

let the hidden breeze

of your passing

move us further in

and farther up

these impossible trails

that carry us home

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