Larkspur, Colorado, November 2017. Copyright © Michael D. Warden. All Rights Reserved.


You will feel lost

All of the maps

you have known

will fail you

leave you

utterly abandoned

in a new land

that does not know

your name

You will feel foolish

like you ought

to have known

like you should

have seen it coming

This is merely avoidance

You were never

in control

You will be tempted

to hate

to blame

to find a scapegoat

to soothe your fear

This will be distraction

Here is what has happened:

The ground is gone

The contours

of the landscape you loved

have collapsed

and disappeared

Though you beg them

they will not return


Surrender the panic

your mindless scramble

let your body


into this vast


What’s it like?

this waking

from a dream

you thought

was your life?

Tell me

What’s been lost?

You must grieve

the fading echo

of every truth

you used to know

they were your teachers

they brought you here

From now on

you’ll need deeper senses

to find your way

Wonder and Whimsy

and the things you know

before anyone says them

Let yourself

be swept up

in the awe

of your unmaking

Let the angels

of your questions

open you

to reckless adventure

the wild

free running


of fresh possibility

In time

a new way

will unfold there

a deeper, truer tale

than any you have known

When you have found

at last

the new ground

of your belonging


and help the other

falling down

beside you

and the enemy

who wants you dead

who believes


you caused all this

For both of them

are you

and are worthy

of your love

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