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Lost Creek Wilderness, September 2020. Copyright © Michael D. Warden. All rights reserved.


I came to the edge

beyond the yowling cities of the Earth

beyond the yearning harbor of Círden

beyond the lost shores of Númenor

I peered into the Great Silence

the mystics and poets all call God

I did not find cathedrals there

no whips or cilices

but an Untamed Wildness

concealed in Joy

This life you seek

this wild abandon

If not for love, then what?

Truth? But love is truth

the only truth that means a damn

the rest is speculation

a child’s war, made of stories

There is but one life

that is yours

one voice

made for what you’re

meant to say

Will you say it?

Or keep safe inside your

manageable lies?

I spread my wings

and took to the air

rose high in the thermals

above the West

I called forth light

a magnificent procession

and the Silence laughed

as he flew alongside

and it was worship

This is not my imagination.

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